3 Year Old - 100 / Marybeth - 1

Meet Jenna. Sweetest little 3 yr old ever. She loves her new dress and adores her new shoes (fashionista in the making? I think so!!!) Simply put, she's a doll!

Still, despite her beauty and fabulous attire, the one fact remains ... Jenna is 3! I love 3 yr olds. They are silly and goofy and undeniable adorable. They are also clever and wildly independent. And independence is important to a 3 yr old. This independence paired with the adorable silliness, however, can prove to be quite a challenge for a photographer.

And when I hear the word "challenge," I can only say one thing, "Challenge Accepted!!!"

And so we began ...

She clearly had the upper hand from the very beginning!

"Eyes on my, sweety," I coached.


Several shots later I thought, "Let's try a new outfit!" Gives Jenna time for a break and perhaps a change of attire would spark new interest.

Checking out the new kicks. It's all good ...

Still admiring the new dress ...

"Now look at me, Jenna!"


"Oh, where's your sunglasses? We should put them on!"

Sunglasses on, pushed up so they look hip and fancy ... everything is cool.

"Now look up here and smile."

"Please look at Marybeth, sweety."

I just kept on shooting. One of these shots she was bound to look at me with a big cheesy, mom-worthy grin.

"Deep Breath ... I can do this. I can outsmart a 3 yr old!!!" I thought.

Now this may have been one of the most ridiculous thoughts I've ever had. I mean, I've raised three 3 yr olds. It may have been many moons ago, but I still recall their fierce indpendence and undying tenacity. If banded together, 3 yr olds could possibly take over the universe.

But I'm not a quitter.

I took that deep breath. "Look at me, Jenna."

WIN ... sorta. I mean, she did look at me!

"Now smile!"

Again ... she listened.

Let's try this one more time but ...

"Look at me AND smile."

Applause rang down from the heavens and the little baby angels rejoiced.

And this is how I almost, barely, not really (mostly just got lucky) outsmarted a 3 year old.

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