The Life of a Photographer's Daughter

An interview with my gorgeous daughter, Kayla Bean.

Going into my 3rd year, I can say my daughter has been a huge part of helping me grow as a photographer. From modeling for me to being my assitant with lighting and equipment, and even taking photography classes herself and shooting her own photos, then "trying" to photoshop them, Kayla Bean is my little partner in crime!

So ... I thought it might be fun to find out how she's felt about our journey.

MB: "Kayla Bean, I started shooting you (with my CAMERA!) in 2012, what was your first reaction to being my camera puppet? Does this picture say it all? Or was it kinda fun?"
KB: "It was fun. I got to do lots of fun things like posing on the swing. Plus I got to do fun shoots with my friends."
MB: "What's your least favorite thing about doing photo shoots?"
KB: "Standing still and all the lights flashing in my eyes. Then you end up seeing millions of little lights when you close your eyes.
MB: "Which shoot was your favorite?"
KB: "All the shoots I did with my BFF."
MB: "Which was your least favorite shoot?"
KB: "Um ... The one where I have all the weird makeup. We were really bored and it was fun, but I look like the chick from Lorde.
MB: "Um ... she has curly hair and doesn't wear that much makeup."
KB: "I'm just saying ... it was just a bit over the top."

(In my defense, I was in a makeup class and I was trying to practice ... I clearly need more makeup classes!)

MB: "BUT ... it WAS fun???"
KB: "Yeah, yeah."
MB: "If we could do any kind of photo shoot, what would it be of?"
KB: *scratches her chin* "Um ... Me in front of a river with a city scape behind it at night. I'd look so cool."
MB: *smiles* "And what would your outfit look like?"
KB: *sighs* *breaks out google* "Jeans with a white, black or red shirt with a cool logo."
MB: "No ball gowns?"
KB: "I hate dresses and skirts! You couldn't even beg me! Well ... maybe."
MB: "Do you enjoy being a model or is it absolute torture?" *sly smile*
KB: "Besides the lighting, I like it."
MB: "It's now 2015, I've been officially shooting for 3 years. You've assisted in quite a few shoots for me. How has that been?"
KB: "I enjoy helping with the photo shoots. Especially working with the little kids. I also like making new friends."
MB: "What could I do to make working with me even more fun?"
KB: "Hmmmm ... good question. We should get our own studio and make it full of rainbows and decorations. We could make it amazing. Give it three different sections. A girl section, a boy section, and a family section. Then and out door spot. And a coffee and food and snacks and drinks for the parents and kids. Oh and you can have your own camera spot for you to set up and put your equiptment. And then and I'd have my own room for design and props. Oh and Skittles. Skittles for me. Not for you. You don't get any. You can have Starbursts. And we'll have even more amazing quality pictures and everyone will want to come to Marybeth Smith Photography. Oh and I can make ads!"
MB: "Wow! I've got my work cut out for me! Good thing I have an awesome side kick!"
KB: "Well, I am Kayla Bean, Ruler of Awesomeness!"
MB: "That's just because I'm your mom ... of course you're awesome! It's genetic. So overall, it's been a fun journey?"
KB: "Maybe ..."

Yep ... she's her mother's daughter.

Overall ... it's been fantastic to have such a great model/daughter/protege. I'm so proud of her and it has been fantastic to shoot that pretty little face of hers! (With a CAMERA!!!) I look forward to all the years of spending time with one of my best friends doing one of my favorite things in the world.

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